History about Can19

The fundamental essence when creating Can19 is to offer the resident the maximum comfort. My professional experience, the architectural characteristics of the house and its surroundings create a unique space for the client.

Can19 is a 19th century house full of history and tranquility completely renovated and adapted to all the needs of the resident.

Prat has all of its territory in the Delta river Llobregat, which makes it special. The eighteenth century was the birth of the urban nucleus with the existence of a single street, the main street and small houses nearby. The people of Prat was a day laborer or farmer. It was in 1887 when Jaume Casanovas started the construction of houses for farmers.

In the nineteen century the pratenca population lived on tradicional agriculture and the old paths of the Bunyola and the Bufera will become streets that are the current streets of Ferrán Puig and Jaume Casanovas (where Can19 is located)

Carrer Jaume Casanovas 19, 08820 El Prat de Llobregat · Barcelona. Telf. 661 408 538. Email: residencia@can19.es

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